DOCS4OpenDebate is a website that hosts an open letter sent by medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media. They call for stopping of all inadequate corona-measures and ask for an immediate restoration of the normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all civil liberties.

The petition has been published on the website of the European Parliament. You can support the petition here (simple registration requited).

You can also sign the open letter on the DOCS4OpenDebate website:

Donation page:

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One thought on “DOCS4OpenDebate

  1. From the DOCS4OpenDebate’s newsletter:

    “Corona was a fake pandemic, a false flag operation on a global scale that served to force a Great Reset through criminal medical fraud through fear, led by, among others, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its Young Global Leaders (YGL). Klaus Schwab, CEO of the WEF openly admits that his YGL have taken up central positions in almost every government in the world.

    Build Back Better is their slogan – A New World Order with Central Digital Control: ‘You’ll own nothing and you will be happy!’

    So it actually goes much further than the medical story for which Docs4opendebate was founded…”

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