Fluoride Free Peel

Fluoride Free Peel is a website dedicated to raising awareness about the potential dangers and concerns related to the fluoridation of water. The site presents various viewpoints and information related to the topic of water fluoridation, including its potential impact on health, the environment, and legal implications.

Key Points:

  1. Mission and Content: The website’s mission is to challenge the practice of adding fluoride to municipal drinking water. It provides various articles, research, and viewpoints that argue against the fluoridation of water, suggesting that it might be harmful to health and the environment.
  2. Recent Posts: The site features recent posts on topics such as responses to specific individuals or organizations, findings related to the isolation of the SARS-COV-2 virus, and the lack of evidence supporting certain health claims.
  3. Water Fluoridation Stance: The website describes water fluoridation as:
  • An unlawful disposal of industry’s toxic waste in drinking water.
  • Unlawful mass medication without informed consent.
  • Pollution of drinking water with corrosive waste.
  • Medical experimentation without proper consent or clinical trials.
  • Not safe, effective, lawful, moral, necessary, or a good use of resources.

Support and Donations: The website provides an option for visitors to support their cause through donations via PayPal: https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/

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