MintPress News is an independent watchdog journalism organisation that provides original issue-based reporting, in-depth investigations and thoughtful analysis of the most pressing issues facing our nation. MintPress News focuses its coverage on issues related to the effects of special interest groups, big business and lobbying efforts and how they shape domestic and foreign policy, including U.S. foreign policy. Through the lens of social justice and human rights, it reports on how these dynamics drive our foreign affairs and impact the world, and examines the effects they have on our democracy and freedoms as defined by the constitution. Journalism, as defined by the First Amendment, plays the role of watchdog over government.

MintPress are a for-profit organisation. It aims to be funded through advertising, syndication and other traditional funding sources. Because we believe strongly in citizen-driven journalism, we accept online donations. However, we are committed to rejecting any source of funding that attempts to influence what we report and how we report it. MintPress is tenaciously committed to total editorial freedom and journalistic integrity.

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