The mission of the Police For Freedom movement is to re-humanise our society, bringing back trust and unity between our uniformed and civilian sisters and brothers. The peaceful marches, events and content created by Police for Freedom aim to educate people about their human rights, civil liberties, constitutional rights as well as the ethical code of conduct for the police and security forces.

Face masks and vaccines fall into the category of preventive medical interventions, and thus they cannot be coerced on anyone. The PCR-tests and temperature guns are considered diagnostic interventions, which also must be based on voluntary consent – therefore they cannot be used as a requirement to work, travel or enter businesses. Declining these medical interventions cannot result in social inequality or disadvantage.

Police For Freedom is run purely on volunteer efforts. In order to keep the movement decentralised and transparent, they do not accept any direct monetary donations.

You can support the movement by the following ways:

• Sharing information about Police For Freedom in your local community. 
• Print flyers and training material (available on the downloads section) and share them with your local police and activist groups.
• Share our videos and posts on social media.
• Sponsor your nearest chapter by offering to get flyers, t-shirts and banners printed. You can also offer to hire sound systems or, for example, conference space for Police For Freedom events.
• Offer your creative skills such as graphic design, illustration, photography, filming and journalism for Police For Freedom campaigns and events. 

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