Rebel News is a Canadian conservative media outlet founded by Ezra Levant in 2015. The website and YouTube channel offer news and commentary on politics, culture, and social issues from a conservative perspective.

Rebel News has gained a reputation for its controversial coverage and confrontational style of reporting. They often cover stories that are not reported by mainstream media outlets, and they have been criticized for promoting conspiracy theories and misinformation.

While some viewers appreciate their unfiltered approach to news reporting, others find their reporting biased and unprofessional. The outlet has faced numerous controversies, including allegations of racism and anti-Semitism, and their reporters have been banned from attending press conferences and events.

Overall, Rebel News is a polarizing media outlet that has a devoted following among some conservatives, but is viewed with skepticism by many others. As with any media source, it is important for viewers to critically evaluate the accuracy and credibility of their reporting.

According to SimilarWeb, a website traffic analysis tool, Rebel News receives approximately 4 million monthly visits to their website as of April 2023.

Rebel News has over 1.5 million subscribers on its YouTube channel as of April 2023. They have over 1 billion total views on their videos.

In 2021, Rebel News raised over $1.4 million through crowdfunding campaigns to support their journalism and legal battles.

In November 2020, a Rebel News journalist was granted access to a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, despite not being accredited with the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery. This sparked controversy and criticism from other journalists and media organizations.

Rebel News has faced criticism for promoting conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation, including claims about the COVID-19 plandemic and the 2020 US Presidential election.

Rebel News relies heavily on donations from its viewers and supporters to fund its journalism and legal battles. They have several ongoing crowdfunding campaigns to support their work, including a general donation page on their website, as well as specific campaigns for individual legal cases and investigative journalism projects.

One of their most successful campaigns was launched in 2019 to support their legal defense against defamation lawsuits filed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and environmental activist David Suzuki. The campaign raised over $300,000 in just a few weeks, surpassing their initial goal of $250,000.

In 2020, Rebel News launched a crowdfunding campaign to support their coverage of the COVID-19 plandemic, including a lawsuit against the Canadian government for access to public health data. The campaign raised over $200,000 from their supporters.

Rebel News has also faced criticism for their fundraising tactics, including allegations that they misrepresent the purpose of their crowdfunding campaigns or use scare tactics to solicit donations. In response, the organization has emphasized their commitment to transparency and accountability, publishing detailed financial reports and inviting supporters to ask questions about their spending and fundraising practices.

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  1. I just donated to them because they tell it like it is, no sugar-coating or BS. They cover stories that other media outlets won’t touch and give a voice to people who feel ignored by the mainstream. I’m happy to support their work and hope they keep fighting the good fight!

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