Stop World Control” (SWC) is a website that claims to expose hidden agendas and global conspiracies, striving to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the forces that are supposedly manipulating the World.

Stop World Control covers a wide range of topics, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization, the mainstream media, and global elites. The website hosts a collection of articles, videos, and interviews, with over 200 posts available for readers to peruse. Some of the content on SWC is sourced from external websites and authors, while other pieces are original works by the site’s creators.

One example of the claims made on SWC is an assertion that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax, with the site stating: “The COVID-19 pandemic has been planned with the purpose of enslaving humanity in a global system of totalitarian control

Stop World Control provides a platform for alternative viewpoints and perspectives that challenge mainstream narratives. By offering a wide array of content, it encourages readers to question the information they receive from conventional sources and think critically about global issues. The website has attracted a loyal following, with many supporters praising the website for its commitment to unveiling the “truth” and raising awareness about issues that are often overlooked by the mainstream media.


SWC has been met with significant scepticism from the mainstream media. Critics argue that the site promotes misinformation and conspiracy theories, while supporters maintain that it is an alternative source of information that challenges the mainstream narrative.

A quote from the New York Times encapsulates the general media sentiment surrounding SWC: “Stop World Control’s unfounded claims and conspiracy theories, contribute to the spread of misinformation and undermine the public’s trust in science and credible institutions.”

Donations and Support

If you are interested in supporting SWC, the website offers a “Donate” option on their main page. Donations can be made through PayPal or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. SWC claims that the funds collected will be used to “fight the tyranny that is being imposed upon us.”

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