WHALE is a large collection of links to alternative sources in the field of medicine and politics, composed by John Scudamore. A lot of questionable topics, but interesting reading.

The website http://whale.to/ is a controversial alternative health website that contains a wide range of articles and information on alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, and other topics that are often considered fringe or outside the mainstream.

The website covers a broad range of topics, including holistic health, alternative medicine, natural remedies, and various conspiracy theories, including those related to vaccinations, the pharmaceutical industry, and government cover-ups.

For individuals who are interested in exploring alternative health remedies or who may be skeptical of mainstream medical approaches, the website can provide a unique and thought-provoking resource. The website’s articles and information cover a broad range of topics, including holistic health, natural remedies, and conspiracy theories related to health, science, and politics.

In addition to its health-related content, the website also provides a platform for sharing information and opinions on other topics, such as spirituality, the environment, and social justice. This diversity of content may be appealing to individuals who are interested in exploring different perspectives and gaining new insights on a range of issues.

Furthermore, the website’s archive of articles and information can be a useful tool for researchers and individuals who are interested in studying alternative health and conspiracy theories from a historical perspective.

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