WikiSpooks is an independent online encyclopedia that investigates deep politics, shadow power, and conspiracy theories. Founded in 2010, it provides an alternative perspective on global events and influential figures often ignored by mainstream media.

The site is known for its detailed articles on intelligence agencies, global organizations such as NATO and the UN, and high-profile personalities. It also delves into controversial topics like the 9/11 attacks and the JFK assassination, challenging official narratives and presenting alternative theories.

Critically, WikiSpooks has been labeled as far-right biased with mixed factual reporting. Media Bias/Fact Check describes it as a source that often promotes conspiracy theories and pseudoscience. Despite the controversy, WikiSpooks remains a resource for those seeking non-mainstream viewpoints. The site is regularly updated and engages its audience through active discussions on Telegram.

To support WikiSpooks, users can contribute content, participate in discussions, or donate to help maintain the site. This involvement ensures the continuation of diverse and in-depth political analysis.

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